Polymer hologram foils

Inmold offers high volume production of plastic foils with hologram logos. Together with Danapak Flexibles we have established a mature production line for hologram foil using extrusion coating at high production rates.


  • Anti-counterfeit packaging
  • Decoration
  • Branding


  • No inks or paints or pigments
  • Integrates with other packaging materials and processes (blister packs, sachets, Inmold labelling, etc., etc.)
  • Regular thermoplastic materials
  • No ink means no need for expensive approvals

How does it work?

Holograms are microscopic surface features, which reveal themselves as bright and iridescent patches on the plastic product.

Anti-counterfeit features to avoid un-merited warranty payments and legal claims:

  • Sub-μm structures in plastics are impossible to copy accurately
  • Anti-counterfeit features embedded in packaging, not in product – no modifications to product.
  • Packaging solution with customer logo / brand / feature.

We offer logo mastering: conversion of logo to hologram and design of counterfeit features to embed in logos.

  • Mastering is in-house – rapid modification of packaging possible (example: weekly exchangeable features for perishable goods).
  • Logo master size up to 22x26mmTiny holograms as small as 10 μm
  • “Inverse holograms” that only reveal themselves by use of laser light
  • Solution can be upgraded with other features to always stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.
  • Down-stream features: QR-codes, inverse holograms, combination with other solutions.

Other applications are possible:

  • Interior designs: windows, panels, rooms, ceilings, lamps, etc.
  • Architecture: exotic features for stark differentiation
  • Auto, transportation: foiling for cars, buses and trains

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