Protein coatings

Inmold’s protein coating technology enables transfer and integration of biologically active proteins into the surface of polymer products during the injection molding of polymer parts.

Our process possess a number of advantages compared to traditional wet chemistry:

  • Plastic parts are coated during molding.
  • The coating process is dry compared to dip-coating, allowing radiation sterilization.
  • Protein density is very homogeneous.
  • Simultaneous coating and replication, allowing protein-functionalized microfluidic channels.
  • Protein adhesion is significantly improved, leading to less leakage during use compared to dip-coating.

The process may be fully automated and integrated into the normal molding production lines, ensuring effective production and low cost.

We have successfully demonstrated functional transfer of several proteins such as:

Immunoglobulin G Protein A
Collagen I/IV Protein G
Fibronectin Streptavidin/avidin
Bovine serum albumin Horseradish peroxidase

If your company is interested in integrating one of the above mentioned proteins or your own protein, we will be happy to discuss this with you!