Technical foils

Inmold provides complete technology platform for technical foils, from general idea to finished product.

Our services include:

  • Consultation and project planning
  • Development of master structures
  • Preparation of high quality tooling
  • Production of foil at high speeds (order of m2/s)
  • Post-processing of foil (metallization, other)

Applications developed so far:

  • Holographic foil (decoration, etc.)
  • Solar concentrating foil (spin-out:
  • Super-hydrophobic foil (repels water)
  • Omniphobic foil (repels water and oil)

Our foils are thermoplastic and made by co-extrusion. We have demonstrated structural depths from 30 µm down to few 10 nm’s, and aspect ratios well above 1, with accurate fidelity.

General applications possible with our technology platform:

  • Optical applications (Fresnel, micro-lense arrays, moth-eye, diffusers, gratings, holograms, etc.)
  • Functionalities (drag reduction, self-cleaning, friction reduction, etc)
  • Moulding: use our foil to mould other materials (high-value coatings, foods, etc)

Inmold is a flexible partner for projects and commercial applications.

See our demo packages on “R2R processing”