Inmold offers high volume production of plastic films with hologram logos. Together with Danapak Flexibles we have established a mature production line for hologram films using extrusion coating at high production rates. The films are excellent for anti-counterfeit packaging, decoration, and branding.

No inks, paints, or pigments are used for coloration – the colors arise from the physical phenomenon of diffraction. Therefor no need for expensive approvals.

Integrates with other packaging materials and processes (blister packs, sachets, in-mold labeling, etc.

Regular thermoplastic materials are used.


Protect your product with a unique packaging: By embedding safety holograms in extrusion coating for high volume production of anti-counterfeit flexible packaging.

No use of inks, paints, or pigments

Holograms are based on diffractive structures, eliminating the need for inks, paints, or pigments. Perfect for protection in food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.



We offer logo mastering – conversion of logo to hologram and design of counterfeit features to embed in logos.

Other applications possible

Interior designs: windows, panels, ceilings, lamps, etc.

Auto, transportation: Films for cars, buses, and trains.