In cooperation with our partner Danapak flexibles A/S, we can replicate structured surfaces from your own master or nickel shim or from one of our own standard masters containing structures such as line gratings, holes, honey-comb structures, and more.

We offer your logo processed into a hologram (final maximum size 22 mm x 26 mm). We deliver three demonstration packages:

  • Demo 1: Your logo repeated over an area of 100 x 100 mm (option 1), in a clear polymer cast
  • Demo 2: As Demo 1, an area of 100 x 100 mm copied in flexible packaging polymer film (PET/PP laminate), 100 m film with 1200 copies
  • Demo 3: Your logo repeated to cover polymer film from edge to edge (500 mm) (option 2B)

The demo package is available for any types of structure, please contact us regarding your project.

For further information on available polymer types or structure dimensions, please send us an enquiry (