Inmold provides complete technology platform for technical films, from general idea to finished product.

Consultation and project planning.

Development of master structures.

Preparation of high quality tooling.

Production of film at high speeds (order of m2/s).
Post-processing of film (metallization, other).

Developed applications

Holographic film (decoration, etc.).
Solar concentrating film (spin-out:
Super-hydrophobic film (repels water).
Omniphobic film (repels water and oil)

Our films are thermoplastic and made by co-extrusion. We have demonstrated structural depths from 30 µm down to few 10 nm’s, and aspect ratios well above 1, with accurate fidelity.

General applications possible with our platform

Optical applications (Fresnel, micro-lense arrays, moth-eye, diffusers, gratings, holograms, etc.).
Functionalities (drag reduction, self-cleaning, friction reduction, etc).
Moulding: use our film to mould other materials (high-value coatings, foods, etc).

Inmold is a flexible partner for projects and commercial applications.